We Give You More

    200% Home Inspection Guarantee

My guarantee makes your choice of inspection firms both easy and risk free.

It’s simple; if you are not totally satisfied with our home inspection service we will refund your full inspection fee.

In addition, we will pay the same fee for another Licensed Washington Home Inspector of your choice to inspect the same home.

Give us  5% of your confidence, we’ll earn the other 95% every time.

Terms for the Guarantee.

  1. Client must be present at the inspection.
  2. Client must claim this offer by the end of the property inspection (before the inspector leaves the site) and provide their specific concerns in writing with in 48 hours.
  3.  The fee will be refunded by check to the person who originated the fee payment. (This is the 100% return)
  4. A check to pay for the re-inspection will be paid directly to the re-inspection company in their name for their inspection fee up to 100% of our original home inspection fee amount. (This is the 200% part)
  5. This Guarantee applies only to a full home Inspection. No other services are covered by this guarantee.