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All home inspections performed by Sound Choice Inspections (SCI Inc.) are unbiased, third party inspections. This means you get our full professional opinion about the condition of the home or structure being evaluated.  Clients are encouraged to follow the inspector as he goes through the inspection protocol step by step. Questions are always welcomed.  A thorough photo review slide show of the inspection findings is conducted at the end of the inspection for the clients and agent. For out of town clients who are unable to attend the inspection, a video of this review is made and sent along with the report.  You will gain a very thorough understanding of the condition of any structure we inspect for you. 

Keep in mind, Sound Choice Inspections has been a full time inspection service provider since 2004. Inspectors who also run a construction company or have a second job are unlikely to have the experience or attention that a full time inspection company provides.

Be sure to ask about the benefits of a sewer scope inspection. Also, see the video further down this page.


Buyers Home Inspections

A home inspection for a buyer is a powerful tool to fully understand the condition of the home that is being considered. Findings from the inspection may serve to create a “to do” list for the buyer, may provide leverage for negotiations with the seller or may shed light on previously unknown conditions that help the buyer decide to find a different house. The inspection process will also provide valuable information about current and future needed maintenance for the home. The location and type of furnace filter and location of the main electrical disconnect and water shut off will be discussed as well as a host of other valuable information. These inspections include a complete Pest Inspection and are performed to the standards of practice for Licensed Home Inspectors by the Washington Department of Licensing and by the Washington Department of Agriculture for the Pest Inspection component of the inspection.


Sellers Home Inspections

When a seller chooses to have a pre-listing inspection they are gaining several advantages over other sellers in the market. This inspection removes surprises from the buyer’s inspection process by identifying them in advance. This allows the seller to have repairs done on their time line and with the contractor they choose; savings are often substantial compared to a buyers demand for a price reduction for a given condition. See the article on the Blog page for additional information. These inspections are performed to the standards of practice for Licensed Home Inspectors by the Washington Department of Licensing and by the Washington Department of Agriculture for the Pest Inspection component of the inspection. See the blog post: Pre-Sale Inspection Gives Seller An Edge


11th-Month Inspection

Congratulations if you are a new homeowner in Olympia, Lacey, Tumwater or the surrounding area! It is likely that your builder did a great job overseeing the construction and assembly of your home. It is in his or her best interest to produce a quality product and provide good customer service. However, many workers were involved in the building process, and sometimes things get overlooked. Small defects in materials or workmanship can lead to expensive repairs, over time, if left undetected. A home inspection during the eleventh month of ownership is good insurance against this happening in your home. Please see the article on the blog page titled: Protect Your New Home Investment


Commercial Inspections

These inspections range form a simple duplex to multi-unit apartment buildings and large commercial structures. Investors need to understand the condition of a structure if the investment is going to “pencil out”. Inspections of multi family units are generally done in the same manner as Buyers Home Inspections. Large commercial inspections are generally done “ala cart”, meaning the scope of the inspection is requested by the buyer and put into a clear, written contract which serves as the agreement between SCI Inc. and the customer. Such a contract may include items and systems such as HVAC, plumbing, electrical, structure and Pest. The pest portion of these inspections is performed to the standards of practice set by the Washington Department of Agriculture.


Pest Inspections

A pest inspection is a vital part of the assessment process of a property. Since the recent licensing of home inspectors in Washington (2009-2010), home inspectors are only allowed to identify wood rot and conditions that contribute to pest infestation. Home inspectors, who do not also have a pest license, can not mention or identify Carpenter Ants, Termites, Moisture Ants, Wood Destroying Beetles, etc. A pest inspection is included in all home inspections performed by SCI Inc. Pest inspections are occasionally done alone. These inspections are performed to the standards of practice set by the Washington Department of Agriculture. Due to the relative cost of a Complete Wood Destroying Organism (WDO) inspection compared to a full Home Inspection, it is advised that a full inspection, including the pest inspection, be done.


Additional beneficial Inspections

Sewer Camera Inspections – What is the condition of the sewer line at the house you are about to buy? Sewer camera inspections are inexpensive insurance against expensive sewer line repairs or replacement. This inspection will identify damaged or blocked sewer lines. Because SCI Inc. does not perform any plumbing or sewer line repairs, these are unbiased, third party inspections.  You get to see and understand the condition of the sewer line. You will be given a CD or electronic file of the video from the line inspection. If issues are found in the line an electronic locate device will be used to accurately find and mark the area of concern. Please watch the one minute video: Sewer Camera Inspection In Olympia


Well Water Inspections – Thurston County recommends that well water be tested for bacteria (fecal coliform) and nitrate contamination. For each test a water sample is taken from a sterilized plumbing fixture and taken to the lab that day. Results are mailed to you within three days. These water inspections are recommended for all homes not on Olympia, Lacey, Tumwater or other municipal water systems. Learn More

Gas Leak Inspections –  Many leaks are in locations that the average home owner may not detect. Using a sensitive gas leak detection machine (Tiff 8800), the gas meter and connections are inspected for leaks. All gas appliances and all accessible fittings are inspected for leaks. This includes the sub-crawl area and attic where applicable.


Inspection Reports

Inspection is only half the job – just as important is the report you receive. Sound Choice provides accurate and detailed reports, with photos, to you and your real estate agent or lender in a timely fashion. Using custom reporting software, findings are recorded on site to speed delivery of your report. Reports are sent in a PDF format through e-mail.

  • Well organized reports provide all the documentation needed for you, your real estate agent, or lender.
  • Easy-to-read reports help you quickly identify issues that need to be addressed.
  • Digital photographs of the property and any areas of concern are included.
  • Timely reports delivered within 24 hours of inspection (same-day reporting available upon request).


Sample Reports


Pre-Inspection Agreement



Pricing for home and commercial inspections is based on the size, age and location of the structure. Once this information is entered into the Scheduler and Residential Home Inspection has been selected the fee for the inspection will be placed in the shopping cart. Additional inspections can be added at that time.

Additional inspections prices:

  • Sewer Camera Inspections:  $205.00 with a home inspection, stand alone fee $245.00
  • Surcharges for accessing the line from the roof or sub-crawl areas $49.00
  • Well Water Inspections. Bacteria $65.00 Nitrate $65.00 Bacteria & Nitrate $129.00; if doing home inspection or in the Olympia, Lacey, Tumwater area. Add .50 cents /mile for rural sampling if a home inspection is not done.
  • Gas Leak Inspections $35.00 with complete home inspection.

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Refund Policy: If you are not completely satisfied with your inspection, and you attended the inspection, Sound Choice Inspections will completely refund your inspection fee.

Delivery of report. Reports are generally available the same day. If not the same day as the inspection it will be available by noon the following day.