Pre-Sale Inspection Gives Seller An Edge

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Thinking of selling your home or already have it listed? In this market savvy home sellers are looking for a competitive edge. A thorough home inspection from a local, qualified inspector is a powerful tool for setting buyer’s minds at ease.

Pre-sale inspections offer the seller considerable advantages over other listed properties:

  • Permits seller to make repairs ahead of time so that defects do not become stumbling blocks in negotiating
  • Signals openness and good faith towards the buyer
  • Unearths any unpleasant surprises before potential buyers arrive and gives the seller ample time to address them
  • Helps sellers fend off demands for unrealistic price reductions to cover repairs
  • Reduces the seller’s stress level by removing surprises about the condition of the home and encourage the sale to close on YOUR timetable

The main reason home-sale transactions fall apart is because of defects discovered during the buyer’s inspection. Buyers often try to renegotiate the price after they receive their inspection reports. Their argument is that they weren’t aware of the problems when they made their offer. By conducting a thorough inspection before you market your home, you can greatly decrease the odds that there will be a failed transaction due to inspection-related issues.

Once any issues are identified in the pre-inspection you can decide if you want to make repairs before marketing your home. Even if you decide not to make repairs, you will have a much better idea of how much you’ll net from the sale and that allows for more accurate financial planning.

So set yourself up for success! Have your home pre-inspected by a local, qualified home inspector.



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  1. laura burnett says:

    George, thanks so much for helping me breathe a sigh of relief. When I sell, maybe I can even come out even, or we can always dream…

    Hope to see you soon! And thanks, again. I can’t tell you how much your information helped; now my blood pressure can return to normal.


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