Maintain Your Home & Protect Its Value

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Your home is likely one of your biggest investments – and protecting your investments has never been more important. A residential maintenance inspection by a qualified professional provides valuable information about the condition of your home. This type of preventative inspection is a check-up for your home. Some people don’t get their home inspected until they’re putting it up for sale, but knowing the state of your home while you’re living it can save you money now.

Houses are subjected to destructive forces on a continuous basis.  Finding small problems and having them fixed in a timely manner can save you thousands of dollars in future major repairs and replacements. Preventative maintenance can help extend the life expectancy of your home’s major components. A qualified inspector can also give you information about increasing the energy efficiency of your home, sometimes leading to significant savings in energy costs.

Do you know the condition of your roof? Have you been under your house recently to look for water intrusion or pest related problems? Having a maintenance inspection performed by a professional home inspector can give you advance notice of problems, prevent additional damage, and allow you time to get several repair quotes without being rushed. When your roof develops a winter leak or pests invade your home, you might have to settle with the first company able to repair the damage, rather than choosing the best qualified business.

For more information about Home Maintenance Inspections, Pest Inspections and complete Home Inspections contact a local, qualified, ASHI Certified home inspector.




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