Water Heater Problems

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Water Heater Problems

This photo was taken in the garage of a home that was 15 years old. That is about the life expectancy of a water heater and the original unit had recently been replaced with this nice new one.

One small problem, the electrical bonding cable that had likely been attached to the old, black iron gas pipe is now attached to the modern, plastic coated flexible gas line. There is no electrical bonding happening here and the black iron pipe below is not bonded or at the same electrical potential as the other piping in the home.

The purpose of bonding (connecting) all the metal piping together in a home is to bring them all to the same electrical potential. Then if there is a fault somewhere and a pipe becomes “hot” the current is routed back to the panel with an over current protection device that hopefully trips.

By extending the bonding wire down to the metal pipe and securing it with the proper clamp the system will once again be bonded and all plumbing will be at the same potential.



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