Just Hire An Electrician

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Just Hire An Electrician

Here is something I found in an attic in Olympia recently. The ropes were coming up out of the attic insulation and were tied to the 2×4 “rat run” above. Can you guess what this is for and why Harvey the homeowner placed it here?

A little digging into the insulation reveled the standard “bar hanger,” type electrical box below and the suspicion that something heavy was suspended from it. I made note of its location and went down to have a look. Harvey the homeowner had decided to mount a large ceiling fan/light fixture into this small ceiling box. Presumably, when he noticed it swaying precariously, clearly seeing the danger of it beheading him or one of his family he decided to make repairs!

If you plan to change ceiling fixtures to a heaver type like a fan/light combination or a glass chandelier, have a licensed electrician install a properly rated electrical box in that location.



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